U.S. Marshal’s Hold Press Conference to Discuss "Operation Ector Backlog"

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force headed up by U.S. Marshal's caught more than 60 fugitives on the run, just this week.

But they didn't do it alone.

On Monday, several law enforcement agencies suited up including Homeland Security, DPS investigators, Ector County Deputies and U.S. Marshals from Midland and Pecos.

They went after Ector County felons with serious crimes

With all that manpower, they were able to catch 65 fugitives.

But even with the huge roundup success, officials say they're nowhere near done.

"Even though this operation is concluding today (Friday) that does not mean that we're going to stop looking for them. We're going to stay on their heels, we're not going to let them catch their breath. We're going to make it as difficult as possible to operate in the Midland/Odessa area," U.S. Marshal, Robert Almonte, said.

The fugitives caught were charged with serious crimes like sexually assaulting kids, attacking peace officers and aggravated assault.

75 cases were cleared because some of the fugitives were charged with more than one crime.