Abandoned Baby in New Home, Criminal Investigation Underway

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

New information on the abandoned baby found in front of a daycare on Monday.

Now the infant is in a new home and criminal charges could be filed.

Right now, the Hispanic infant is in foster care and in good condition.

We're told Child Protective Services is investigating the case.

And what's more interesting is that police have opened up a criminal investigation since the baby boy wasn't left at a safe haven location.

The newborn was left outside of the Kidz Korrals Daycare Center in a duffle bag.

The mother left a note saying she was too young and her parents didn't understand.

Odessa Police are still asking you to call them if you have any information.

This story has left some people confused on what exactly is considered a safe haven location so NewsWest 9 spoke to experts on the law.

Safe haven laws are put into place in Texas to avoid putting infants in danger.

The law states that a parent can leave a baby less than 60 days old at a facility considered a safe haven, no questions asked.

That means the child must be left at a hospital, fire department, emergency medical center or any place that has been marked as a safe haven.