Incentives Offered To New Workers, Employees Taking Advantage

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- It's nothing new to us, workers are needed in the Basin. Now local companies are trying something different to reel them in and it involves a lot of cash.

"We are giving incentive bonus for them to get on board and check out what Pilot is about," Pilot Manager, Jesse Quezada, said.

He says they need 25 employees to run the store and they currently have 14. Now they're handing out cash when you get the job.

"We have an incentive bonus, a sign on bonus of $1,000," Quezada said.

You get $1,000 dollars if you go and work for Pilot. Out of all of the Pilot stores across the U.S., this is the only store offering this incentive. But according to Workforce Solutions, this idea is becoming more popular in the Basin.

"It's little gestures, trying to get skilled workers to come to the workforce but the bottom line is we have a shortage of what we call skill workers. That's the reason you see bonuses and incentives of people just trying to maintain skilled workers in the Permian Basin," Taylor said.

Many workers are taking advantage of these incentives and they are hopping around from job to job.

"That is what a lot of people are doing, just jumping from job to job. So we are also being careful on who we hire. We are trying to get people who really want to stay," Quezada said.

Workforce Solutions says this trend is not good and ultimately with more housing being developed in the area more potential workers will come.

"At some point, you are just going to run out. You just can't offer those incentives because what you are doing is you are just having one employee jump to another. That is just not good healthy business in our community," Taylor said.