Newborn Left in a Bag Outside Odessa Daycare Facility

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A daycare facility in Odessa was sent into a panic Monday after a duffle bag was left on their doorstep with a newborn baby inside.

The bag was dropped off at Kidz Korrals Daycare Center.

Daycare Director Marie Jones says, "When [we] opened the zipper it was a note that specified, 'Please take care of my baby. I am too young. My parents don't understand. I don't believe in killing babies. I want someone who believes in God.'"

Underneath the note was a newborn Hispanic boy. "At first it scared me because I didn't know the baby was alive because it hadn't cried yet," Preschool Teacher, Jami Gatewood, said.

Then, he let out a cry.

Jones tells us, "Right after we heard him cry, we knew what to do but it was so surprising and shocking."

They rushed him inside and called 911. He was taken to Medical Center Hospital for evaluation and was quickly discharged and placed in a foster home.

People inside the facility say he had been outside for at least an hour. With temperatures in the 80's on Monday, the child was luckily left in the shade.

Child Protective Services reports that although the child was left at the daycare which is on church grounds, he was not at a facility considered a safe haven. A safe haven is a place where an abandoned baby less than 60 days old can be left at a hospital, fire department or emergency medical care facility. An investigation is underway.

The daycare is stunned by the situation. "I thought, 'There's a life- a life that needs to be cared for. There's a baby in a bag. Oh my goodness. How could someone do this?'," Jones said.

However, they're relieved he is healthy and now in good hands.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact Odessa Police Department at 432-333-3641 or Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.