Other Counties Organize Aid for Monahans Charity

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - More than two weeks ago, NewsWest 9 reported about "Mission Possible," a Monahans charity run by high schoolers that has worked to deliver aid to firefighters as they battled blazes across West Texas, bringing them waters and Gatorades.

At that time, their funds had nearly dried up and they had almost lost their building.

Now, cities across West Texas are coming to their aid, with one Odessa woman putting on a collection drive for them on Sunday at Floyd Gwin Park.

She said she learned about "Mission Possible" from our story.

"They still have everything that they deal with in high school and then getting more responsibilities as adults trying to help other adults," Roberta Muro said. "They're doing a very good job."

"Mission Possible" was at the park, selling hamburgers, hot dogs and hoping for donated cash, waters and Gatorades.

"There's at least 12 waters in a case of water. That's 12 firefighters right there," "Mission Possible" Head Coordinator, Parker May, said. "We lost at least four firefighters last year due to dehydration over the state of Texas."

Other organizations pitched in to help out "Mission Possible" as well.

A Kona Ice truck follows them to whatever events they're at and gives them 20% of the profits.

The charity's members said even a couple from as far as Big Spring gave them a check for $4,000, a region-wide show of support that they are grateful for.

"It's definitely a great change. Our word is getting out. People know who we are," "Mission Possible" Founder, Andrew Ligon, said. "Just knowing that they're going to call us when someone needs help, that's just remarkable."

"Mission Possible" is in the final steps of filing as a nonprofit organization and hopefully West Texas will see it for years to come," May said.

Muro said this is what West Texas does: helping each other no matter how many miles stand in the way.

"It's good that we all come together and help because you never know when it's going to be your turn, that you're going to need the help," she said.

"I want this thing to be as big as the Red Cross," May said. "I want this world to know that kids our age, we do care and we're just as much powerful as anybody else on this planet and we intend to show that."

At Sunday's drive, "Mission Possible" had $18 donated as well as five cases of water.

They plan to hold future drives to keep up their fight.

To give monetary donations or donations of water, clothes and Gatorades to "Mission Possible," you can reach Head Coordinator Parker May at (432) 940-4431.

You can also drop donations off in the main lobby of Monahans High School, telling them the donations are for "Mission Possible."