Family of Other Missing Persons in Big Spring Speak Out Over Found Human Remains

by Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- During Wednesday's press conference in Big Spring over discovered human remains, the Big Spring Police Department made it a point to mention there are two other missing persons cases out of Big Spring, not just Hailey Dunn's.

Her disappearance is the most recent active missing persons case in Big Spring, but police say they've been investigating the dispenses of two other people for years.

William "Arlin" Bynum went missing back in 2003. His family tells NewsWest 9 he was last seen early in the morning hours with another person. They were leaving the San Franciscan Bar and Grill in downtown Big Spring.

Some of Bynum's family members in Big Spring tells NewsWest 9 they don't believe the remains found on Tuesday belong to Bynum. They say they've gone down this road before, most recently when a bone fragment believed to be his was discovered, but nothing came of it.

His mother, Deanna Hartford, says she hopes these remains turns out to be his, so everything can be put to rest and she can have some peace of mind. Hartford says, "I pray that [they're] his. I pray that they are so I know where he [is]. It's difficult on all of us."

She says not a day has gone by where she hasn't begged for answers. "I keep hoping that Arlin is going to come home but I know deep in my heart that he's not because he would never do this. He's our baby. We just want them to find him so we can have a resting place for him and know where he is."

Another Big Spring man, Bobby Marquez Jr., has been missing for several years. His uncle, Raul Marquez, says he and his family don't believe the discovered remains are those of his nephew. "The family seriously believes that it [isn't] going to be Bobby Junior because of the situation as to where he was last seen or known about and it wasn't in this area."

He says Bobby was last seen at a friend's house in the north part of the city of Big Spring.