Colorado City Residents React to Found Remains

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - Speculation is running wild in Colorado City. More than a year of searching, fear and prayers has taken a toll on this small community.

If the remains found in Big Spring are those of Hailey Dunn, residents find themselves torn.

"I think it is her," Colorado City resident, Josie Olivarez, said. "Her grandma lives in Snyder and I know her. She's a real nice lady. I'm pretty sure her family's wanting to know if it's her or not. I think they're going to be satisfied if it is her, knowing that we don't know where she's at."

"I just pray that some good comes out of it," resident, Jovita Ortiz, said. "We pray every day that she comes up and we see her and she's OK."

"If it is her, then at least the rest of her family will have some peace," resident, Cricket Ferro, said. "It's over a year. It makes you scared to let your kids go outside."

Residents just want to know one way or another, especially to bring closure to the family.

"I hope it's not her but yet, I hope whoever it is, somebody gets closure in it," resident, Forrest Sims, said. "I know if it was my daughter, I'd want to be right there whether it is her or not."

"The hope for her being alive to be gone, that's a big hope to lose but the closure of knowing that she's at rest and she's not being harmed would probably trump that," Ferro said.

The people told NewsWest 9 if the remains are not Hailey's, they'll keep up the hope.

But if they are, then they'll support her family and rest with the fact that at least now they know where she is.

"Prove it and get some closure," Sims said. "And that's what they're working on now. Until then, all we can do is hope and pray."