New Affordable Housing Coming to Midland

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND  - New homes for low-income families are coming to the Tall City. Midland City Council members approved the transfer of 40 lots to two agencies.

The much-needed housing will be built on lots in East Midland.

They say home is where the heart is but that can be a problem when there are no homes available.

"They're desperate," Alynda Best, Exec. Director of Midland Habitat for Humanity, said. "You are seeing families who are without a place to live. You see many families having to go in together and they're way overcrowded. It's a real problem."

A problem that's now getting a little bit of help.

On Tuesday, the Midland City Council approved transferring 40 lots designated for affordable housing.

Best couldn't be happier. They're getting 17 of these lots to build on.

"Well it's a blessing," she said. "It's a gift from our city. They think of all aspects of people who live in our community."

The other 23 lots will go to the Midland Community Development Corp.

All of the land is on the Eastside of Midland near Jax and Hamby Streets and were paid for with block grant funds.

"These are lots that have been vacant for forever," Community Development Administrator, Sylvester Cantu, said. "We made offers to the property owners and everybody was willing to sell."

Cantu said the land will offer options to families desperately in need of a place to live.

"No housing, there's no housing at all and whatever it is it they can't afford or it really isn't suitable. It's a small drop in the bucket but it's some help."

Best agreed saying the Midland Habitat for Humanity is flooded every year with housing applications.

"They pick up about 300 and of that, the maximum we can take is 10 a year," Best said.

Construction will start as soon as roads in the new neighborhood are paved and sewer and water improvements are finished, all within the coming months.

"It's a step in the right direction," Best said. "We are constantly in search of land on which to build."