Gardendale Residents Cleaning Up Storm Damage

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE- On Sunday night, the Basin was hit with our first major storm in quite some time and Gardendale was hit hard. Some people even lost their homes.

"It was the first thing she told me at 1:44 this morning she was crying and said it blew over," Trailer Home Owner, Scott Wright, said.

Wright's daughter lived in a trailer home, she was sleeping when the storm was passing through the area.

"She got up to use the restroom and looked on her phone and had seen where they had the warnings that was the last thing she remembered when it blew her out of the bathroom," Wright said.

Her trailer home had been flipped over several times, it even rolled on her pick up truck.

''It flipped two times and landed on her door side,'' Wright said.

The door was blocked off so she had to find another way out of the house.

"She saw a light shining through the vent on top and she kicked it out," Wright said.

But that wasn't the only damaged home, several residents woke up to debris in their yards. Their roofs were missing and other home owners found their back room completely gone. Luckily, everyone inside the home was ok.

''It looks like a tornado hit. I think there was a huge power pole in the back and it's totally gone. It looks like it twisted completely off the frame, the house is bent. It's pretty devastating,'' Gardendale Homeowner, Susie Propt, said.

But despite the damage, homeowners are counting their blessings that no one was severely injured.

''It's odd how selective it is and where it hit. Nobody was hurt so we are all going to come out of it ok,'' Propt said.

''The trailer I could care less, I was just worried about her,'' Wright said.