Names Released, More Eyewitness Accounts of Deadly Crash

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Continuing coverage on a crash that killed four people on I-20 on Thursday afternoon.

NewsWest 9 has new video from witnesses on the scene.

Earlier Friday afternoon, DPS officials released the names of the other victims killed in this crash.

People who saw the aftermath of the accident said it 'it's something they'll never forget.

Like a scene out of a movie. That's how Roman Munoz described the fiery crash Thursday afternoon on Interstate 20.

He took cell phone video taken moments after the crash.

"You never wanna see something like that," Roman said. "Just something unbelievable."

DPS officials said an 18-wheeler driven by 68-year-old Herman Buggs, of Georgia, left the eastbound lanes and veered into westbound traffic on I-20.

He slammed into an oncoming semi, driven by 60-year-old John Griffith, and his passenger, 54-year-old Gordon Fisher, both of Virginia.

"It jumped all the way across the highway, you could hear the tires screeching," Roman said.

Roman and his dad, Florencio, were working on some telephones lines when they said they heard a loud clap and then explosions.

"A loud explosion and you felt the thud in your chest," Roman said.

"Like a big mushroom of fire, black," Florencio said.

"All of a sudden an 18-wheeler comes out of it, coming at you," Roman said. "We took off running and as soon as that 18-wheeler stopped we ran toward it."

The impact of the crash was so big, the back part of the first semi actually broke off, slamming into a truck driven by 50-year-old David Wisener of Lufkin.

All of the victims were killed instantly.

"We ran over and tried to help the guy in the cattle truck," Florencio said. "The truck was smoking and we were scared that it might explode too."

Both father and son said it was total chaos.

"Most people were like 'What's happening what's happening, we were kinda shaken a little bit over it," Florencio said.

Now their thoughts are with the loved ones these men so sadly left behind.

"We drive on these highways everyday so to see something like that, they got families you know," Roman said. "I hope their family is doing alright."

A statement was released to NewsWest 9 on behalf of the family of David Wisener, through a friend.

He was the one driving the truck carrying bulls.

The statement said "Those of you that knew him, know that he had such a tremendous passion and love for the bulls. He had a heart of gold and there wasn't anyone he wouldn't help."

DPS officials tell NewsWest 9 the accident is still under investigation. They're looking at the wreckage for any possible malfunctions and taking witness accounts.