Iowa Students Come to Midland to Lend a Hand To Those in Need

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's Spring Break, that means party time for most college students. But NewsWest 9 met up with some young men and women from Iowa who are spending their time off by giving back.

This is not how most students plan on spending their Spring Break doing hard labor, for free.

"I can't believe it. They want to spend their Spring Break by coming to Midland and spend their whole time working instead of going out and doing what most kids do on Spring Break," Renea Ludrick, with Midland Habitat for Humanity, said.

17 students from Western Iowa Community Tech College drove to Midland to volunteer their time and help build a home for a family. It took them two days to get here and they will be spending all of their time working hard in our community.

"We're very excited. We are doing all kinds of different projects with them. Today (Monday) and tomorrow, (Tuesday) we are going to be working on a dedication. They are also going to be helping out in the restoration of various projects that we have. Their help couldn't come at a better time. We really needed them to be here," Ludrick said.

First Baptist Church has opened their doors and is giving them a place to stay. Habitat for Humanity is providing the meals. But no matter what, these students are so happy to be able to lend a hand to those less fortunate.

"Because people need help and coming into town, we talked about how much we appreciate what we have in life and not everyone has it," Mara Decket from Western Iowa Tech, said.

"I love it so much, this is my great chance to help them. I really hope I can do this next year," Western Iowa Tech Student, Adwichakson Satyo, said.

Even foreign exchange students are doing their part in helping a family, they love this experience so much they want to try do something back at home.

"I haven't done this before and I'm thinking of copying this idea," Amina Hassan, who is from Cairo, said.

"I also like this idea and when I go back to my country, I will have to establish a volunteer work group like this," Sindhu Rustamani from Pakistan, said.

The future homeowner is extremely grateful that these 17 young strangers were willing to drive and take the time off to help her and her family have a home.

"It's amazing for people to come out and help people that you don't even know and it teaches you that there is still really good people out there," Homeowner, Brenda Aguilar, said.

The 17 students will stay and work hard in Midland until Saturday then they will then return to Iowa.