Monahans Youth Charity in Dire Need

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - For years, "Mission Possible," a local Monahans charity run by high schoolers, has done everything they can to help their community.

Now they need some help themselves.

"We want to give our generation a new title. A new reputation," the charity's Head Coordinator, Parker May, said. "Right now, with our situation, we can't. We have $200 to our name, if that, I think we're down to $140 right now."

Every week, "Mission Possible" brings help to the local Monahans hospital, nursing home and anywhere else help is needed.

They've also taken their aid across West Texas.

"We've been to Big Spring, Howard County, three or four times to help with their fire victims," the charity's Co-Coordinator, P.J. Calder, said. "Been to Odessa, Midland, Grape Creek, Fort Davis, Crane."

"Mission Possible" even has two trucks that go to fires.

Last summer they took supplies to the victims of the Bastrop Fire near Austin.

The high schoolers of the charity have only had their current building for less than two years.

Recently, their finds have gotten so low, they almost lost it.

"To keep things sorted out, we just ran out of time," May said. "We're all in so many different things."

Now they're poised to expand with possibly 30-50 new young people set to join up.

But their funds are nearly dry.

All water and Gatorades they bring to fire victims are now gone and their clothes supplies are nearing extinction too.

While the community's been very helpful, the amount of aid that "Mission Possible" has been giving week after week has bled them dry.

But that aid is what's inspiring new members to join.

"That kind of, he just kind of invited me to do this with him," "Mission Possible" member, Zane Bostick, said.

"It reached out to my heart so I just felt that's a really good thing to do," member, Mathew Meredith, said.

A much-needed boost will keep the help they love to give going strong.

"It's one of the most gut-wrenching things you can feel," May said. "I don't want to give this up."

To give monetary donations or donations of water, clothes and Gatorades to "Mission Possible," you can reach Head Coordinator Parker May at (432) 940-4431.

You can also drop donations off in the main lobby of Monahans High School, telling them the donations are for "Mission Possible."