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Gun Sales Booming Across the Basin, State


By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - The oil industry isn't the only thing booming in the Basin, so are gun sales. In fact, it's a trend that's happening across the state.

NewsWest 9 spoke to some gun shop owners and a few gun buyers.

They say rumors have been floating around of the Obama Administration pushing for tighter gun control policies if he is re-elected.

It's the fear of the unknown and other factors that are driving this sales increase.

Shotguns, hand guns, pistols, you name it. If it shoots a bullet, it's in high demand.

"First quarter is normally the slowest season on gun sales but we haven't backed off a bit since Christmas," Chester Bussell, owner of Brush Mountain Outfitters in Odessa, said.

Gun slingers and pistol packers are cleaning out cases at gun stores across the state and here in the Basin.

"We order every week because our sales are that good," Bussell said.

So why are gun buyers clearing out the shelves? Some said they're worried if President Obama is re-elected, firearms could be a political target.

Bussell said the same trend happened nearly four years ago.

"When Obama got elected they made a run on the guns and we sold out in eight hours," Bussell said. "They have a feeling in the back of their mind that we're in for some tighter gun control."

"Obama may be the President but he's not the House or the Senate," gun store owner, Tommy Atchison, said.

Atchison's been in the business for 30 years.

He said this is one of the biggest rushes he's ever seen.

"Especially in the last four to five months, very much an increase," Atchison said. "Sales have increased about 50 percent."

But fear of the unknown in politics isn't the only driving force in sales.

"Our sales to ladies has quadrupled," Bussell said.

"People are buying guns for their wives, for home protection," Atchison said.

With more women packing heat and a thriving economy, guns are flying off the shelves.

NewsWest 9 asked Facebook fans why they're buying guns.

One viewer writes, "A little of both. I want my family protected from the typical everyday criminal trying to violate my castle doctrine and the political criminals trying to violate my second amendment rights."

Another viewer agrees saying, "We have guns for sport as well as personal safety. The government has too many fingers in our personal business already! Looking to buy another soon!"

But an overwhelming amount of viewers said it was safety, not the President, as their reason for buying guns.

One viewer writes, "Personal safety. Criminals are getting braver with ever crime they commit."

But whatever the reason for the spike in sales, these owners aren't complaining.