Andrews Special Ed Teacher Terminated for Alleged Abuse

by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The Andrews ISD School Board were in a unanimous decision to proceed with the contract termination of Special Needs Teacher, Terri Ragland.

The School Board made a bold statement Wednesday that claims of abuse are taken very seriously.

Board members made their decision after a lengthy investigation.

With those parents who's children were once under the instruction of Special Needs Teacher, Terri Ragland, the boards decision could not have been a better one.

"When you heard the news how did you feel? I cried. Partly relieved, partly because somebody was hurt and that still breaks my heart. That should have never happened," JoAnn Wolf, who is a parent of an abused child, said.

"I'm very happy with the decision. I'm very happy it was unanimous. It still doesn't take back that it happened. There is a hard road ahead of us but it's a relief that they've come to this decision," Lauren Gregory, who is also a parent of an abused child, said.

These parents united for the protection of their children. They were determined to see this investigation through when it comes to making sure Ragland can never again step foot in a classroom.

The district was also thankful that these claims of abuse was brought to their attention.

"We're just pleased this information was brought to us so we could take action. We want to continue to strive to keep our kids safe and secure, and we feel like this is a step in the right direction," AISD Superintendent, Dr. Bobby Azam said.

The right direction for these kids, who's parents say, they have seen a 100% change since the removal of Ragland and her aid.

From all of this, a positive message to other parents, when it comes to being a voice for your child.

"Learn your rights, and speak up, and keep going. Higher and higher until somebody does listen. Let your voice be known," Gregory said.

These parents are also working to begin a Parent-Teacher Association. An organization they believe can be helpful in the Andrews School District.

NewsWest 9 did try to contact Tony Connors, he's the lawyer who represents Terri Ragland and one of the aides, Deborah Parrent. He did not return our calls for a comment.

Meanwhile, Terri Ragland has 15 days to appeal the board's decision. Parrent has already begun that process.