City of Midland to Get New Water Source To Help With Severe Drought

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND - It's a huge plan that will bring water to Midland for the next 40 years, and in a time of a critical water shortage, this is really going to help out. On Tuesday, the Midland City Council approved a plan that will bring water to the Tall City from their T-Bar Ranch Property. It's being called the largest public works project to ever happen in our area.
"This is our land and our water rights, the only thing that is missing is this pipe," Midland Mayor, Wes Perry, said.

The City of Midland has owned the T-Bar Water Field  for many years. It's located in Winkler and Loving County. It's about 20,000 acres and Midland owns all the water rights under the property. Now the city is making plans to bring that water source to Midland.

"We estimate about $150 million to build this pipe. What we have done is we have contracted the Fresh Water District for them to build it, operate it, maintain it and deliver the water to Midland at $2.78 per 1,000 gallons," Perry said.

The city says the price for this new water is cheaper than what they currently pay our water source provider.

"This is cheaper than cost from what we buy from the Colorado River Municipal Water District. Not only is it a 40 plus year supply but it is at a incredibly reasonable price," Perry said.

Starting this week, the city will be working very closely with the Midland County Fresh Water Supply District on a contract to start building a 70 mile plus pipeline from Winkler County to Midland.

"Everyone gets to work immediately. In fact, we been working for the last 60 days to identify a route, identify a cost, identify a time frame that we all feel comfortable with and how many teams it will take to make this happen, " Jose Cuevas, President of Midland County Water Supply, said.

The city has a contract with CRMWD until 2029. The city says this new water that they will acquire will help supplement the water they cant get from CRMWD. The new pipeline is expected to be completed sometime in May of 2013.

In the meantime, this summer water restrictions could be the same or tougher than in 2011.