Horseshoe Arena Looking to Build New Building, Some Disapprove

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND COUNTY - Midland County Commissioners are looking at plans for new construction at the Horse Shoe Arena but it would come with a hefty price tag. County commissioners got a visit on Monday from the company that operates the Horse Shoe Arena for the county. The Dooley Management Company made a presentation on why they need a new building to be added to the arena. 

"We have had a successful program at the Midland County Horse Shoe Arena but we have recognized the fact that we need more capacity out there," Mike Dooley, with the Dooley Management Companies, said.

Dooley Management Companies mission is they want to add a building to the Horse Shoe Arena.

"One of the capacities we need is a multi purpose building that would be an exhibit hall, where we can do flat floor events without dirt in them," Dooley said.

The company told Commissioners the big problem they're facing right now is the dirt in the arena. It takes too much time to set it up and clean it up. That makes the venue unavailable for a few days and they say it makes it harder to get more events at the Horse Shoe.

"We have seen a lot of events that have not been able to book us, in fact there are over 207 in 2010-2011 that could not get in there. Of those, 54 big events couldn't get in there because dirt was in the arena and they needed non-dirt," Dooley said.

Dooley Management says the approximate cost of the much needed building would be around $11 million dollars. If the project were to happen, the County would use sale tax reserves.

"These facilities don't make money. We shouldn't be under a dream that they will. If it does, I'll be really excited. They make money because they ring cash registers in your community from people that come," Midland County Judge, Mark Bradford, said.

However, not everyone is on board with the idea of getting a new building.

"I would much rather us look to see how else we can use the money for instead of jumping to building or another building," Midland County Precinct 3 Commissioner, Luis Sanchez, said.

The whole project is still in the works as this was just a proposal presentation. Commissioners agreed that they need a set of drawings that would include all ideas. Then Commissioners will look at the drawings. If they want to proceed, they will pursue the project.