City of Snyder Running Out of Water, New Water Source On the Way

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
NEAR SNYDER - Last year's drought affected almost every town in Texas. Many are left searching for new ways to bring in water, one of those towns is Snyder. Their only water source comes out of Lake JB Thomas and the lake is expected to dry up in June. 
Lake JB Thomas used to pump water to Odessa, Big Spring and Snyder. But now that Lake JB Thomas is less than two percent full and drying up, it can only supply Snyder but that isn't enough water for the small town.

"Without any additional inflow, we will be out of water here at Lake Thomas by June of this year," Colorado River Municipal Water District, Operations Manager, Cole Walker.

CRMWD needed to find a back-up plan for the city.

"It's been necessary for us to develop additional back-up sources of supply for the city of Snyder. We considered several options and decided that the best option would be to tie into sources of supply that the district already has," Walker said.

Now Snyder will be getting help with a multimillion dollar pipeline project that will pump water from the old Big Spring and Odessa pipeline.

"By constructing a four and half mile long pipeline across the lake basin and connecting our Big Spring-Odessa intake to our Snyder intake, we will be able to bring back water from any of our other lakes (Lake E.V. Spence, Lake Ivie) or either of our Ward County well fields," Walker said.

Snyder city officials say they are relieved that CRMWD was able to find a solution to their water problem.

"We're pleased that they're continuing to take proactive measures to ensure the water district and the customers with water supply," Walker said.

The finishing date for this project was set for the end of March. However, everything is moving along quickly and officials believe they could be done by the end of February.