Midland College To Give All Employees a Raise

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
While colleges across the state are making cuts, one College in West Texas is actually going to give their employees a pay raise. So where is Midland College getting the extra cash from?
On Monday, MC made a recommendation to the board about a salary increase for all of their full time employees. They normally do this in August when they set their annual budget.
Back in August, they weren't certain of the state appropriations, they weren't sure of Fall Enrollment and they were still calculating the appraisal values in Midland County.
Since then, things have gotten better for the college, the enrollments have been strong and they have had better than expected appraisal values.
The raise isn't much but it should help some employees. They expect to give everyone a $100 dollar month raise. That is about $300,000 for all employees.
"We certainly eliminated some positions and we freezed some positions. We are being very careful as we move forward because we know the budget picture is not going to be dramatically different when we go into the next legislative session. But because the local economy is so good and the fact that the appraisal values are so strong that is a very big plus for us in Midland. Whereas, around the state, that is not necessarily the case," Midland College President, Dr. Steve Thomas, said.
The extra cash will be given to all full-time employees at Midland College. The college knows that the cost of living has increased in the Permian Basin and they want to help with what little they can. 
The raises will go into effect in February and will last through the next fiscal year. Midland College hopes that things get better for the next budget year and they hope to give their employees a better raise then.