Businesses, Residents React to Train Derailment

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - Local businesses and homes told NewsWest 9 they were all affected by the train derailment on West County Road 127 and County Rd 1285 on Thursday.

NewsWest 9 found out standby evacuation orders were given to all the businesses down County Road 127 and even the Texaco gas station by the Warfield Restaurant.

NewsWest 9 talked to businesses like Midco Machine, Eagle Propane and Fuel, and Black Viper Energy Services, who told NewsWest 9 they'd been forced to shut down Thursday morning, costing them a day of business and they also missed important FedEx deliveries.

Wigginton Tank Sales said they'd had to cancel a load of steel coming in and have been forced to rush some of their business in case the call to evacuate came down.

West Texas Drum Company told NewsWest 9, they've had a plan in place to evacuate since Midland County Sheriff's deputies told them it could happen.

Not just businesses were being looked at for evacuation because of the derailment but a nearby mobile home park as well.

NewsWest 9 talked with Midessa Oil Patch RV Park Thursday. That park is home to 133 mobile homes, cabins and tents.

We're told they were also given warning of possible evacuation.

The park told NewsWest 9 off-camera that the owner had gone around to every home to notify the people. If the evacuation call was sent down, they would have had to knock on every door again to tell people to get out.