Record Snowfall Puts Midland on the Map

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Reports are pouring in from across the country, astounded by the snowfall in the Permian Basin.

A quick Google search reveals reports from as far as Cleveland, Dallas, Tulsa, Austin, as well as many national weather reports.

Plenty of hometown records were shattered as well, with more than 10 inches falling in Midland on Monday, the most the Tall City has ever seen on record.

It's also been the biggest snow season for the Tall City in 65 years, coming in at just under 20 inches so far.

"These cut-off loads of Pacific moisture that move across the southwestern parts of the United States and West Texas. That's what's been happening the last couple of times," Stormtracker 9 Chief Meteorologist, Tom Tefertiller, said. "That brought us a White Christmas and then the record snow yesterday (Monday)."

Midland is even surpassing northern cities like Chicago and Buffalo in snow totals.

Many Midland residents said the snow was a welcome sight after the driest year on record for the state of Texas.

"We have had a drought in the last year, a big drought, and we needed all this moisture, all this snow," Midland resident, Lucinda Almaguer, said. "We needed it real bad. It's a blessing from above."

"Around here, it's a nice shade of brown, dirt, so having the white covering everything, it's nice for a change," Midland resident, Stephanie Dempsey, said. "Being from the Fort Worth area, I definitely haven't see this much snow stick, I don't think ever."

With the way the weather is heading, the Permian Basin could look to be buried in the white stuff even more coming up.

"We're going to see another dusting of snow a little bit later on this week, Thursday morning, but not a lot," Tefertiller said. "We could see more events with some snow and some very cold weather continuing for the rest of the month."