Midland City Council Members Approve Greathouse Zone Change

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - New retail stores and homes are on their way to the Tall City.

On Tuesday, City Council members approved a controversial zoning change for a development near the Greathouse subdivision.

It didn't come without some strong opposition from neighbors but some of them changed their tune.

What started off as a heated battle has now reached a peaceful agreement.

On Tuesday, Midland City Council members voted 6-0 to pass a controversial zoning change that'll bring 160 acres of office, commercial retail and housing space to the Greathouse neighborhood in Northwest Midland.

"I feel like the developer and the city has made a good effort to listen to our concerns, to understand that we have a visually different lifestyle," Midland Resident, Linda Holmquist, said.

It's a rural lifestyle residents said is still being disrupted by Los Conchos Ventures.

"We have livestock," Midland Resident, Georgia Corwin, said. "We don't have little tiny dogs on leashes. This has impacted the lives of many of our neighbors."

However, they've been able to some reach middle ground with the developer.

A screen fence will be installed to separate the commercial space from homes. Los Conchos also agreed to do away with their plans for multi-family housing.

A limited amount of town homes will go up instead and that's not all.

Certain sections of the 160-acre plat will have sidewalks or at least 40 feet of distance to off-set traffic from homes.

"We're hoping that will break people's speed down," Corwin said. "We've already seen a huge increase in traffic."

The fight may be over for now. Four new proposed oil wells are part of this development.

"I'll be within 800 feet of two if not three of the proposed new oil wells," Holmquist said.

Neighbors said that's causing more concern for their future.

But although their rural world inside the Tall City is about to change, they said they're satisfied with the decision.

"I think we've definitely been heard so yeah I'm happy about that," Corwin said.

Los Conchos Ventures developer Richard Dunham is also happy both sides were able to reach an agreement.

He released a statement saying "We are looking forward to the new development, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the Greathouse neighborhood and other nearby residents in addressing a number of their concerns."