Man Arrested for Not Cooperating With Narcotics Investigation

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Distributing drugs and then not cooperating in a narcotic investigation lands an Odessa man behind bars.

33-year-old Christopher Llanez was jailed on Thursday on a $25,000 bond.

Back on December 29, officers were conducting surveillance outside Llanez's home in an ongoing drug investigation.

Officers saw a SUV drive up and Llanez came out to the vehicle. He immediately went back inside while the SUV drove off.

The officers followed the vehicle to Jaguars Gold Club and stopped the two men in the parking lot.

Officers found two bags of cocaine on 22-year-old Ryan Gillespie and arrested him for possession.

Deputies then interviewed Llanez, who admitted to giving Gillespie the cocaine.

Llanez was not arrested pending future cooperation with the initial investigation.

However, he failed to do so, and was arrested.