Greathouse Neighbors, Developers Continue to Clash

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Greathouse Homeowners Association Clubhouse was packed Thursday night with more than 60 people.

It soon became standing room-only as Greathouse neighbors gathered to hear what Los Conchos Ventures had to say about development in their neighborhood.

A 160-acre plat is set to become home to hundreds of homes, some retail shops and offices, as well as four oil wells.

The plat is bordered by three different residential streets.

"We have been listening to the community for the last six months, practically," Manager of Los Conchos Ventures, Richard Dunham, said. "The [Midland City Council] suggested we go back and have some more discussions here at the last council meeting and tonight we're presenting some of the solutions we hope that the residents will embrace."

Increased industrial traffic and losing space around their homes were several of their concerns.

"When we built Greathouse, this lower part, it went up to 200 cars a day and the city came out and did that traffic study,"  Greathouse resident, Georgia Corwin, said. "Robin Lane is not designed for 200 cars a day."

Among the proposed solutions from the engineering firm designing the development, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc., was putting up a screen fence between the lots and the residential streets, complete with a sidewalk and granite hardscaping.

"Again, it seems like a small thing. It's something that may or may not result in anything, but it would be available to the city if that happened," Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Firm Principal, Eric West, said.

But that drew more concerns from residents on one of the bordering streets, Mockingbird, about accessing the rear areas of their homes.

Many of them need to get to those back lots to access their water wells.

"They definitely don't want to go out in their backyard and be having a barbecue and having a major thoroughfare going through there," Greathouse resident, Wilton Youngblood, said. "So, I think if you could address those two things, I think you'd probably get everybody here to go out and build the houses."

But residents were also worried about this development hurting their property values.

"It's impossible for me to say it would be meaningless, it would be a deduction of X number percent or whatever it may be," Perry Taylor with Wendel Taylor Appraisals, said. "I don't know that. I don't have the market data."

"We moved out there to have those open lots, and to change, all that kind of stinks," Greathouse resident, Wesley Gray, said. "Are people going to want to be next to these oil wells? I personally wouldn't want to have one in my backyard."

All in all, many neighbors told NewsWest 9 more flexibility was being shown by the developers, but more problems are still lingering.

Based on the feedback from this meeting, Los Conchos Ventures told NewsWest 9 they would make some more adjustments to their development.

But the final proposal for development will go before the Midland City Council at their meeting next Tuesday, January 10th.