More Details Surfacing After Soldier Was Caught Carrying Explosives

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - After a soldier is caught carrying explosives through the Midland Airport on New Year's Weekend, a Texas Congressman is now speaking out about what happened.

Representative Mike Conaway says the FBI and TSA is letting him in on some of the details.

Two 2.5 pound blocks of a powerful, military grade explosive were found.

That's what Representative Mike Conaway says FBI and TSA officials are telling him were found in Trey Scott Atwater's luggage at the Midland International Airport.

Conaway also says he believes 30 year-old Trey Scott Atwater is telling the truth when he says he had no idea the explosives were in his bag when he went through airport security.

The C-4 that authorities say he was carrying is a powerful explosive.

It's often used in Iraq and Afghanistan to blow the hinges off doors or destroy unexploded ordinance.

Atwater is scheduled to appear in court on Friday at 2 p.m.

His detention hearing will determine if he will remain in custody.

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