Hospitals Are Busier With Heart Attacks During The Holiday Season

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9
For many people, a big part of the holidays is indulging in those tasty and fattening meals. We're not here to judge anyone's eating habits, we do it too. But during the holidays is a time that hospitals gear up for. More specifically, they're getting ready to treat more heart attacks.
"The holiday season is always a peak season for cardiac problems or heart problems," Brenda Neckels, Division Director for the Center for Heart Disease, said.
It's the season of giving, but for hospitals it's a season of treating heart attacks.
"The most number of heart attacks are always on Christmas Day, the day after Christmas and on New Years Day," Neckels said.
But why are there so many heart attacks during the most wonderful time of the year?
"We get disrupted from our normal routines. People forget to take their medications, they have higher levels of stress, they eat more salt and they eat more food overall. Over indulgence of any kind can increase your risk of having a heart attack," Neckels said.
So if you're feeling some of the heart attack symptoms, make sure you call 911 and don't drive yourself to the hospital.
"When you call 911, the ambulance picks you up. If you are having a heart attack, they are going to activate our system. So by the time you arrive at the emergency department everyone is ready to treat your heart attack. If you drive yourself, none of those systems are activated until you get to the hospital," Neckels said.