Retailers, Shoppers Wrapping Up Holiday Season

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Shoppers were out in full force on Monday, busy making returns and taking advantage of after-Christmas specials while retailers are slashing prices dramatically.

After being off for the Christmas holiday, employees at Target and other retailers across the Basin geared up for what is probably their biggest day after Black Friday.

Although they still have busy days ahead of them, both employees and customers say they're glad the rush is behind them.

Santa may have helpers but he doesn't always get it right.

"I gotta go to Academy and return some shoes," Shopper, Sheila Reed, said.

"We're going to Dillards," Shopper, Kenneth Lambert, said. "We have to get an extra size larger."

These shoppers, along with countless others, are hitting up the stores to take back what wasn't on their list.

"Items that we get the most returns are clothing," Josh Willis, with Target Guest Services, said. "It's typically due to sizing issues or just not their style."

Reed waited in line for hours on Black Friday for a battery-powered car.

"After they opened it, it was too little so I had to return it," Reed said.

Lambert did the same to get a gift for his son.

"It was a really great deal on the stereo and we thought it would be something he'd like," Lambert said. "He said 'Well I like it but I'd rather have some games for my Nintendo 3DS."

Willis said the lines have been coming in spurts.

"It actually hasn't been bad this year because a lot of people get gift cards so that kind of eliminates a lot of the returns," Willis said.

In fact, the store is busier because more people are redeeming those gift cards than making returns.

But that's not the only reason. Shoppers are going after those half-off markdowns.

"All of the holiday or Christmas stuff, wrapping paper, that is going clearance so they stock up on it for next year," Willis said.

There was a line waiting to get inside the store when doors opened at 7 a.m. Monday morning.

Even though some early purchases didn't work out, shoppers said they're already looking forward to next year.

"Black Friday is a big tradition for us," Lambert said. "It's just the excitement of the holiday season and it really puts you in the Christmas spirit."

If you're planning on making any returns, Willis said make sure you have your receipt. He said that's the quickest way to get in and out of the store.