Boys and Girls Club Leaves No One Hungry on Christmas Eve

Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's not yet Christmas, but the spirit of giving is in full swing.

To Woodson Boys and Girls Club's, Bill Baty, this weekend comes down to one word.

"Giving," he says. "Christmas is a giving time."

For him, the Boys and Girls Club holds a little piece of his past.

He tells us, "I grew up in this Boys and Girls Club. This is basically my home so I feel like it's time to give back to a community that has given so much to me."

His team of volunteers are feeding anyone who wants a free meal. Volunteer Layny Brown loves all the smiles that come through the door. She may only be a child, but she still tells us, "It makes me feel very happy."

Bill Baty's son, Cedric, admits he likes getting gifts over the holiday, but giving isn't half-bad either. He says, "I served food, gave them drinks and I gave them dessert."

Abel Valdez and his family couldn't pass up Saturday's meal. This year hasn't been his best. He says, "A free meal to me and to us is something a lot of people don't have in the house. It's a blessing when someone else invites you to come and eat."

If the snow meant folks couldn't come to the event, the food came to them.

"We've actually sent out 30 to 40 plates to the people at home that could not make it here," Baty said.

The Boys and Girls Club spends the year providing nearly-free after school care to kids. This season, they wanted their reach to go beyond that.

"Seeing all the people come out and give a hand and really want to support their community is, well, words can't really describe it. It's just a blessed feeling," Baty said.