Residents React to Big Spring Water Rate Hikes

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- The extreme Texas drought is hitting the wallets of Big Spring residents. They'll soon be shelling out an extra $12 a month on their water bills. NewsWest 9 spent the day talking to locals about the rate hike.

George Karibian says he's in favor of any improvements that will help the city, even if they're are coming out of his own wallet.

"We do need improvements and the city can't just wave a magic wand and come up with that money," Karibian said.

Patti Nabors is also in favor of the rate increase. Even though she won't immediately feel any impact, she's well-aware the possibility is there. "I am one of the lucky ones [because] I'm on a well for now. Who knows how long that well is going to stay full? There are a lot of people on the well we're on so there may come a time where we're going to have to use city water," she said.

Lex Clark feels differently. He understands why the city has to do this, but says every dollar he gives up still hurts during these tough times. "[In this] economy, things are tight as it is. So, $12 a month may or may not break the bank but that's still $12 that I could buy a meal with," Clark said.

The city has to cover the cost of higher fees from the Colorado River Municipal Water District. It also has to get more water to the city. So they're building a pipeline to pump water in from Ward County. That's not going to be cheap. In fact, the cost is estimated at around $140 million.