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Reeves, Loving County Teaming Up to Create New Water Conservation District

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Pecos has enough water to last them more than 60 years. Last Thursday, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution in favor of creating a groundwater conservation district, giving them control over who takes their water.

With the City of Pecos casting in their support for a district, now it's up to Reeves County to send in for clearance from the state.

If it passes, the district will be created and give both Reeves and Loving Counties rules and regulations to protect who draws water from their Pecos Alluvium aquifer.

"We want to protect our source and protect who's going to just come in and put their straw into our water source, and for what reason," City of Pecos Mayor, Venetta Seals, said.

Reeves County is also on board.

County Attorney Alva Alvarez said this is a project she has wanted to do since first arriving in Pecos in 2006.

"They regulate how much water can be taken on a daily basis and so that helps protect the aquifer," she said.

Reeves County will petition the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the district by the end of October. The TCEQ will then have to approve it and the local board that will govern it.

After that, county and city officials will educate themselves and the public on the district through a series of town hall meetings before residents vote on it.

As far as your water wells are concerned, county officials said they will be grandfathered into the district but they hope residents will work together to make sure one isn't pumping too much.

"If they turn around and do something that's in violation of the rules that are promulgated by the district, then they lose that grandfather privilege," Alvarez said.

"What your neighbor's doing can also affect what you are able to do," Seals said. "If they're pumping out all the water, then you're not going to have any if it's all coming from the same source."

Those rules on pumping will be decided once the district petition is approved.

At the rate they're going, Reeves County officials hope to have themselves and the public educated through those town hall meetings in time to have the district voted on during next May's ballot.

In the meantime, they are still drafting their petition for the district to be sent off for approval.