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Piece of Twin Towers Honored in Alpine

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - On September 11th, 10 years later, a piece of the Twin Towers stood again in Alpine.

"That's part of America's soul up there," Texas State Captain of the Patriot Guard, Teresa Galloway, said.

This reminder of the tragedy has become its memorial. A tribute to the lives lost on that fateful day.

The Alpine, Texas Border Patrol found themselves connected to the day of the attacks.

Their new building broke ground the day the planes crashed.

The piece came to Alpine after Agent Lewis Reynolds discovered that tower pieces could be given to community groups.

"I just found out that we could get a piece through the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, and went through the process, obtained it, brought it back and here it is," Reynolds said. "Look at the people, they all go up and touch it. It's that personal contact that connects with the event."

10 years ago, the large, twisted piece of metal lied at the rubble of the World Trade Center.

On Sunday, for Alpine residents, it stands as a symbol of America's strength and a reminder to never forget.

Hundreds who attended passed by and touched the beam.

"What force it took to bend and twist that steel like it did, as you can see this one, and they've cut it in pieces," Brewster County Sheriff, Ronny Dodson, said.

"You touch it and you get that vibe as to what it is, and we do feel an honor and a privilege to be able to share that with other people," Alpine resident, Karry Clayton, said.

The memorial stands as a symbol of a country's courage, the reminder to remember, and the hope for a new strength that Americans will carry into the future.

"Whether it's this memorial or whether it's another memorial about New York that's going on across the country, they need to be reminded of what happened," Galloway said.