TCEQ Wraps Up Presidio Animal Cruelty Case

by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO- The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has wrapped up their investigation into allegations of a Presidio company dumping dead horses incorrectly.

C-4 Cattle Incorporated was being investigated by the TCEQ for illegally dumping dead horses and other livestock.

As you may recall about a month ago, Presidio Sheriff Danny Dominguez told NewsWest 9, a company that was using the Alvarado Cattle pens had allegations against them of animal cruelty and illegally dumping horse carcases.

During a nearly three month investigation, the TCEQ found C-4 Cattle Incorporated had four violations concerning concentrated animal feeding operations rules.

Violations include failure to maintain required management records, failure to dispose of animal carcasses correctly and failure to obtain required operation permits.

The TCEQ says they will be keeping an eye on the Alvarado pens to ensure they comply with regulations.

No word yet on whether or not C-4 Cattle Incorporated will be seeing any fines.