Medical Center Hospital to Create Their Own Police Force

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Medical Center Hospital is stepping up their security by creating their own police force.

Medical Center Hospital currently has security guards and off-duty Odessa police officers on patrol.

Their plan is to keep the security guards and use the money they save from the Odessa officers to hire their own police.

The Director of Security says the officers they hire will be veterans but they also have to have certain qualities that mix with the hospital setting.

"Here in the hospital, you'll run into some delicate situations with emotions running very high. You need an officer who can deal with that and de-escalate through talking instead of taking physical action. They have to be patient, seasoned officers," Brad Timmons, Medical Center Hospital's Director of Security, said.

Medical Center Hospital is now one of just four hospitals in the state that has the authority to hire their own police officers.