Crews Investigating After Gas Line Ruptures in Mitchell County

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest 9

Firefighters will remain overnight at the site of a pipeline explosion and fire that began around 8 a.m. Thursday morning in Mitchell County, near the Howard County Line.

Howard County Volunteers are assisting Mitchell County as the pipeline fire continues to burn into the evening hours, and is expected to still be burning well into Friday.

The Chevron pipeline explosion and fire did not injure anyone and there are no nearby structures threatened.  

The cause of the initial explosion is still being investigated, but officials say they are allowing the fire to burn itself out, but it will take a while because there is nine miles of pipeline to empty out.

Fire crews are standing by to insure there is no further damage to nearby pipelines and valves and to also make sure no new grass fires erupt from the burning fuel.