Nonprofit Need Sets United Way Funding Bar High

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With housing and other costs rising the way they are, United Way of Midland officials said more and more people who have donated in the past are now in need of a nonprofit's services.

Over the last couple of years, the United Way has given funds to more than 50 nonprofit's throughout Midland.

But now they're worried about how much they can give this year.

With their annual campaign kicking off August 26th, the United Way knows the dire situation nonprofit's are in.

State and federal budget cuts have hurt them and these days they've been providing aid to more and more people.

More need means more money.

"Nonprofit's are being hit from a lot of different directions, with the need to provide more services with less funding," Alice Freidline, United Way of Midland's Director of Community Impact, said. "Those are the reasons that they are turning to the local community and to United Way of Midland."

Through letters and presentations, the United Way needs to raise $3 million or more.

For more than 50 Tall City nonprofit's, the United Way contributes a percentage of their funding at the nonprofit's request.

United Way predicts those percentages will grow and fears they won't make enough to meet them all.

For one nonprofit, "Midland Need to Read," which uses a variety of computer programs and materials to teach adult literacy, they said without the nearly 30% funding United Way provides, their services will come up short.

"We would be trying to beat the bushes for money and that does take away from the services that you can provide," "Midland Need to Read" Executive Director, Patti Groce, said. "We may have to cut back on books and materials if we didn't have enough funding, and so that would affect the program."

"Midland Need to Read" served 620 people in 2010 and sees 240 people every week.

In the past, they've been able to count on $20,000 of state funding.

Now they don't know whether it will come or not.

But United Way can only allocate what they have and they hope it will be enough this year.

"It is like a domino effect," Groce said. "If one falls, we all fall."

United Way's annual campaign continues through December then picks up again for January.

If you'd like to donate to the United Way, you can give them a call at (432) 685-7700. Their street address is 1209 W. Wall Street, Midland, TX, 79701.

To reach "Midland Need to Read", you can call them at (432) 682-9693.