Odessa Woman Remembers When She Was in New York for 9/11

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks in New York and that day still remains fresh in so many people's memory. Especially those who saw everything with their own eyes. NewsWest 9 spoke with an Odessa woman who was in New York when it all happened.
"I was there the day that the world changed," Danita Maldonado, said.
Danita Maldonado had lived in Odessa all of her life but moved to New York in 1999 for work.
She was there for the somber day of September 11 when the World Trade Center was attacked.
"It was actually one the most beautiful days I could imagine. I remember walking out of my apartment and saying what a beautiful day this is," Maldonado said.
But little did she know that soon everything would change forever.
"Got above ground and you could tell something was up. Got to my job and the minute the elevator door opened it was oh my God we are under attack. Go home, get out," Maldonado said.
Danita left her job but she was stuck there as was no transportation anywhere. She had no communication with the world as the cell phone towers were on the World Trade Center.
"So there was nothing to do but sit and watch and it was a little more than 14 blocks away. We sat there, stood in awe and watched with every other New Yorker who couldn't do anything," Maldonado said.
Danita was watching outside when both towers fell.
She was worried because her best friend worked in one of the towers and she had yet to hear from her.
"My best friend worked on the 106th floor and was late to work that day. I didn't know that until 7 p.m. that night, so all day I'm thinking my friend is gone and until I heard from her. One word it was just hi," Maldonado said.
Danita is planning a trip to go back to re-trace her steps and see ground zero.
"Now as the freedom tower goes up, it will be great to see that finally something to fill that void because if you look at the skyline it doesn't look right," Maldonado said.
Danita plans to fly out on Wednesday and spend the 9-11 weekend in New York.