Forsan Residents Meet to Save Post Office

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

FORSAN - The packed house of residents in Forsan asked why their post office would have to be closed. By the end of the meeting, they were not convinced.

"The easy way is just to close the post office first, and then, what damage is done," Forsan resident, Todd Stills, said.

The study the Forsan Post Office is currently under measures mail going in and out and revenue.

U.S. Postal Service Representatives said the office is not measuring up, paying less than two hours a day of mail service.

When NewsWest 9 tried to interview the representatives, we were given a number for the Service's Public Information Officer in Austin. The officer didn't answer our call as it was after business hours.

When it was discussed that closing rural post offices would only save the Postal Service seven-tenths of 1% on their budget, residents didn't believe those savings were worth their post office.

"This community has got alot of retired people in it, a lot of retired women that just don't want to go in and fight the traffic of Big Spring," Forsan Mayor, Roger Hudgins, said.

Without an office, Forsan residents would be given a "Village Post Office" where mail services would be sold at businesses, or there would be clustered mailboxes in town holding everyone's mail.

Some residents were against those options.

"You can only get so much into those things," Forsan resident, Tracy Carey, said. "I like just the comfort and security of knowing that I have a Postmaster here that if I've got something that needs to be sensitively handled, I can go to her."

Residents are now filling out the surveys of post office usage to be sent in to the Postal Service and waiting to see what happens when the study is finished.

Their biggest fear is what losing the post office will mean for the fate of their town.

"Life without the post office here just makes you feel like this community never existed and that we're starting to fade as a community," Forsan resident, Stephanie Stills, said.