Water Line Break Victims Still Waiting for Help From the City of Odessa

by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- It's a waiting game for some Odessa homeowners and they're getting impatient. They're wanting to know if the City of Odessa is going to pay up after a broken water main flooded their homes.

Many are still dealing with the damage and cleanup.

For several homes on San Jacinto and 42nd Street, the clean up and repairs continue after a water main break flooded their homes several weeks ago.

One resident still moved to tears when talking about how the water ruined many of her daughters belongings.

"It's really depressing because of everything that we had [we] lost," Homeowner, Nancy Chavez, said.

Some of the four homes directly affected need new flooring and major repairs. Also, many electronics and furniture were lost in the flooding.

These residents feel like the city has left them hanging in a situation that was not their fault.

"They checked to see if we had water underneath the house, but from the city, we haven't heard anything," Chavez said.

The City of Odessa is protected by the state from being responsible for the damages from the water line break.

However, residents feel if not for such a long response time the damage would not have been this extensive. Leaving them feeling alone in the entire situation.

"Hours and hours passed and no one came," Chavez said. "All of this is making me disappointed in how they took it and its taking them so long to do something." Chavez said.

In speaking with the City of Odessa, they say they helped in the removal of the water and placing some in hotel when the incident occurred, which is more than what was required of them under state law.

The City of Odessa told NewsWest 9 that roughly seven million gallons of water was lost due to the water main break.