Texas School Paddling's Must Have Parental Consent

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

No more swats in school unless you give the okay. A new state law went into effect on Wednesday. If you don't want your kid spanked in school, you can stop it.

Parents and guardians have to submit a written and signed statement saying they won't allow it.

Guardians just need to submit a written and signed statement that says they won't allow it.

But in Midland and Odessa schools, it's nothing new.

"We're actually not going to change anything of what we are doing right now," MISD Superintendent Ryder Warren, said. "What I have historically done as a building principal and a superintendent, we have always called and discussed this with a parent. If we feel that corporal punishment is a tool we should use on a child, we are going to call the parent first. It's not really going to change the way we do things and in other school districts I have been a part of, it gives the parent another tool, it gives the parent another voice, which that's great!"

Administrators of both school districts tell NewsWest 9, they use a variety of punishments that don't involve any physical contact with the student.