Monahans School Rebuilding Project Complete

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - The cherry on top of a long school project in Monahans was greeted with plenty of fanfare.

On Wednesday, the doors of the finally completed new Monahans High School were opened to all to see the new work.

The same refurbishing and rebuilding was a city-wide project.

"We worked on every single campus, which would be six," Monahans ISD Superintendent, Keith Richardson, said. "Every single campus had improvements, from new roofs, new air conditioners to remodeling. We tore down parts of old buildings and built new gyms, new classrooms, those kinds of things at every campus. These will keep us going for a long time now."

A bond of $29.5 million was approved back in 2005 to repair and rebuild all six Monahans schools.

Monahans High was the last, preceded by three elementary schools, a junior high and a kindergarten school.

Students made use of the new building starting last school year, and Wednesday the final portion of the front of the school was complete.

The fuel behind the project was to bring the schools up to par with technology.

Only a third of the original Monahans High School building remains.

Everything is new: the classrooms, the lockers, the hallways, the computer labs.

With classrooms becoming too small and the schools not electrically outfitted to handle modern technology, officials said the changes had to be made.

It's a welcome relief for the students also, who were studying in the old class building built in 1950 until the new school was finished.

"The students stayed in the classrooms in the old building while the new building was being built behind it, so there was no disruption of classes," Assistant Superintendent, Kelly Riley, said. "Where the parking lot is now, that was actually the classroom building."

"Everything adjusted real nice," Monahans High School Junior, Parker May, said. "I mean, the building had set up pathways for us, different ways to get out. It's just real nice to be able to start off new and set a new generation."

Officials said the schools are now equipped to take Monahans education into the future.