AC Window Units Flying Off Permian Basin Store Shelves

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - Trying to beat the heat is turning into a treasure hunt for some West Texans. Window air conditioning units are flying off the shelves. Not only are they hard to find, some people are actually on a waiting list to get one.

"I have never seen this happen before. We have never sold this many AC's," Tony Quinn, General Manager for Ace Hardware in Midland, said.

For many weeks, air conditioning units at many stores in the Basin have been out of stock.

"We're unable to get any type of AC units right now," Quinn said.

When stores actually get some cooling units in the store, they're gone in no time.

"We put the rest on the shelf and they just fly out of here, they are gone the next day," Quinn said.

Stores say this is all happening because of the high demand and they just cant keep up.

"I think because of the heatwave across the nation it has just taken up everybody's supply. We're not able to keep up with demand," Quinn said.

Almost every store across Midland and Odessa are out of stock. Some people are even on waiting list.

"We take their name and number and go on a first come, first serve basis," Quinn said.

Air conditioning repair companies have been working around the clock.

"It's just one after another. No particular reason, as far as the same thing going on with each unit. Each unit is going to have something different all of the time. It's just been crazy this summer. It has just been one of the busiest that I have seen a really long time," Angel Villarreal with D&D AC and Plumbing, said.

If it doesn't cool down anytime soon, they know they will stay busy because AC units can only be worked so much.

"They've been working so much day in and day out and just like anything else, it's got mechanical pieces in it they are going to fail and the heat has really done a number in a lot of units," Villarreal said.

Stores NewsWest 9 spoke with said they get as many as a dozen customers a day looking for AC units.

NewsWest 9 also talked with the Midland Police Department and they said that they really haven't seen an increase in AC thefts but they have had a few.