Rankin ISD New Tech Program To Help Student Scores

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

RANKIN - Gadgets and gizmos aren't only for the big city slickers. One small West Texas town is making sure they're tech savvy and it's all happening in the classroom. Rankin ISD has adopted a new program that promises to enhance learning for students.

Rankin ISD is a small district but don't let that fool you, they are pretty tech savvy. Not only does this school have computers in the classrooms but each and every student has their own personal laptop. They even have free Internet all over town to make sure students can get online and do their homework. But now they are adding a new computer program to help teach students science.

"We have adopted what's called Adaptive Curriculum, its mainly supplemental material for science," Rankin High School Principal, Sammy Wyatt, said.

Wyatt said that a lot of the old programs were just multiple choice question programs; Adaptive Curriculum is a little different.

"Students will each have an individual user name and log in/password that they will go into the program and they have activities assigned to them. What's good about activities, it's not just questioning and answering they actually have to do things on the computer that apply to certain skills," Wyatt said.

So how are students going to use this new program?

"We are not going to use that in the classroom. We are actually going to use it as supplemental material that students are going to use outside the classroom maybe during a different time of school. To supplement and reinforce what they are using in the classroom," Wyatt said.

Rankin ISD has purchased this program to help raise their test scores where they need it the most in Science. Even though they have average scores they want to get better.

"We have a focus at Rankin High School to focus on our science scores, so we want to focus on quality not quantity," Wyatt said.

This program will also be available in Spanish to assist those students who are still learning English.  So far, Rankin is excited and optimistic for what this new program has to offer.

"This is a great program, I think other schools will start using it," Wyatt said.

Rankin students will start using the program in the coming weeks.