Water Rate Increase Affecting Local Non-Profits Ability to Help Citizens

by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The water rate hike in Odessa couldn't come at worse time for several non-profit groups that help families pay their utility bills.

At the Permian Basin Mission Center they work to help families with anything they may need, one of those is utility bills.

News of the water rate increase across the City of Odessa has sparked some concern for charitable groups. They only are able to provide help to people with a small amount of grant dollars they are allotted each year.

Knowing that the water rate increase is occurring more families will be coming through their doors.

"It's going to affect them pretty much, because we are already having a lot of people coming in with water bills. But now they are going to come in with a little bit more. It will affect them," Elias Marin, with Permian Basin Mission Center in Odessa, said.

The Center says they do not know how much it will affect their budget until the first month of bills hits come October.

They do plan on applying for more grants so to be able to assist more residents.