Parents Upset About New Dress Code at Greenwood ISD

Photo submitted by a viewer showing a pair of jeans that were unacceptable due to the new dress code.
Photo submitted by a viewer showing a pair of jeans that were unacceptable due to the new dress code.

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School just started on Monday but already over 40 Greenwood students have been sent home for dress code violations. Now many parents are speaking out and they're not happy with how the dress code was implemented.

Greenwood ISD students walked into school Monday thinking they were in proper dress code.

However, before the first class of the day was over some 40 students were sent home to change because of violations.

Parents of younger students were called and told their child would sit in the office until a change of clothes was brought. One mother even had to cut her kindergartners hair in the bathroom down to a buzz cut before he could return to class.

"We put her in a petty skirt which are usually pretty long and it was not above the 4 inch cut off. We were very much aware of what the dress code was because I had called them beforehand. So we knew she couldn't wear any tu-tu's," 4th grade Parent, Vira Heltzel, said.

Once up at the school, she showed administration between the two garments and then was given a different violation for the skirt.

"They told me, "Well in that case it's because it's see through," Heltzel said.

Not to mention the cost that came when buying new clothes for their children which can no longer be worn.

"It's going to be hard to re-budget and have to do this again," Heltzel said.

Parents were also feeling the district is being too harsh on a new dress code policy which was released over the summer months, a time at which many parents were not made aware of the major changes to the old one page dress code policy.

"There is a lot of confusion because there is a lot of give and take and I think there is a lot of personal interpretation. The next time the school board comes into effect I'm going to give my opinion and I think anyone else who has concerns should," Heltzel said.

To view the new Greenwood ISD dress code, click here.