Thousands of Bottles of Water Shipped To Big Spring to Help With The Drought

by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Thousands of water bottles are being shipped to Big Spring. It's all in an effort to help residents with the drought.

There is no doubt about it, West Texas water sources are drying up.

"December of 2012, January of 2013, if we don't have substantial rainfall basically West Texas has no surface water available to use," City of Big Spring Water Superintendent, Tony Modisette, said.

This Texas drought is so severe it's made national headlines for quite some time. Now a water bottle company called Evamor is trying to take part in helping out.

"When a neighbor is in trouble that's what you're supposed to do," Damion Michaels, with Evamor Water, said.

Evamor is a bottled water company from Louisiana that wanted to bring water to help Big Spring.

"I got an e-mail about Evamor about a week or so ago indicating that they are trying to help out the community in West Texas who are suffering from a drought and would like to send us a few bottles of water," Big Spring Mayor, Tommy Duncan, said.  "When we contacted them back to see what they had in mind it turned out that a few bottles of water turned out to be several truckloads of drinking water."

Evamor will be sending 85,000 bottles of water to help out during these dry times. But why did they choose Big Spring?

"It hit the national news twice. The worst of the matter it affects your health because of lack of good drinking water, it's something that needs to be highlighted plain and simple. That's the reason," Michaels said.

Not only is bottled water coming to Big Spring but a film crew is coming in to make a documentary on the water issues in West Texas.

"I'm always interested when something unusual happens as a documentation and it seemed very unusual for a water company to step forward and do something so magnanimous," Filmmaker, Roger Wilson, said.

The company is hoping to set up a fund so that everyone across the U.S. can help donate water; they want to be able to help other cities that need the resource. In the meantime. the City of Big Spring is happy that this helping hand is coming in, they hope this keeps the water usage levels down.

"We're very excited that this company from Louisiana is stepping up and being a good neighbor and help out this West Texas City in Big Spring," Duncan said.

If you live in Big Spring and you like to get some water you can go to the Dora Roberts Community Center on Tuesday afternoon and they will be handing out cases of water. The schools, the hospitals, firefighters police officers will also be getting free water to drink.