Benefit Concert for Snyder Officer Kicks Off

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

SNYDER - The community of Snyder coming together to help their hometown hero, Corporal Darrell Campbell. Campbell was shot in the head by a suspect while responding to a call back in July.

A benefit concert for Corporal Darrell Campbell kicked off Friday night and hundreds are expected to attend. NewsWest 9 caught up with the man behind the event and others who said this is the least they can do to show they care.

After weeks of planning, organizing and stressing, Campbell Fest is finally here.

"I had the coliseum rented, I had bands coming but I didn't have money to pay the sound and lighting and T-shirts and all that stuff but it all came together last minute and I'm just excited," Jamie Crowley said.

Crowley planned the event after Campbell was shot in the head by Dwayne Birmingham while on duty.

His partner Lee Ortiz shot back, killing Birmingham.

The news of Officer Campbell being shot hit too close to home for many in Snyder but residents said they're pulling together for their hero.

"It's a wonderful thing," Mike Dreith, President of Western Texas College, said. "I really do admire the fact that Snyder sees something like this and they really come together."

"It's just what we do," Billie Hibbit said. "It's a small town, we stick together, we're all a family."

The three-day event is expected to draw hundreds and they're coming from everywhere.

"Best Western said they we're almost booked with people from Fort Worth so we're expecting it to be good," Crowley said. "Ryan Beatty, he's going to play at 1:00 tomorrow, he's flying in from Los Angeles."

Because of the bands and the community, the event has been a success from day one.

"They came to us," Crowley said. "We had the show booked within the first week and a half. We've raised about $4,000 for the show so its turned out good."

Crowley said it's humbling to see so much support.

"Everywhere you go in town, there's buckets and things for donations," Christie Boudrea said.

"All of us live under the protection of the police department in this town and this is the time that we need to give back," Dreith said.

"I'm excited and I hope we have a good turnout," Crowley said. "I think it's going to be really big."

Campbell is now out of the hospital and doctors have given him the ok to go to the concert for a few hours.

Campbell Fest will be held at the Snyder Coliseum and tickets are $25 at the door.