Water Main Break Causes Damage to Some Odessa Homes

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa homeowners faced with flooding after a water main break. Some have nearly two feet of water filling up the floors. They're wondering how such a scarce resource can still be flowing freely onto their streets.

Many homes have been damaged due to the water line break, leaving residents to wondering where to start in the cleanup process and who is responsible for their loses.

In streets, backyards and even inside homes, residents in the area of 42nd and San Jacinto have seen more water than they've seen all summer.

This is all due to a water main break which occurred late Wednesday night.

"I was awakened by my children last (Wednesday) night when I came to my back door, I looked and I saw all the water and it was rushing so fast," Odessa Resident, Ramon Barrera, said.

That's what many residents awoke to on Wednesday night, water rushing through their homes. In some homes, the water got up to about two feet inside their homes and many residents feel like they are surrounded by bodies of water.

"It's overwhelming. There's just so much damage here. I don't know where to start to clean it up with the water still going. The city people told us we can't open doors. We can't do anything until they stop the water and it still hasn't stopped," Barrera said.

The City of Odessa shut off the water in the area on Wednesday night. However, the leak continues to flow as the city works to locate exactly where it's coming from and repair it.

"That's something that we should be concerned about. This is an immensely enormous amount of water. I think that they should jump on it more than they have been, just because of the water shortage," Barrera said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with the City of Odessa and they said they were unsure when exactly residents in the area would have their water turned back on because they are still trying to locate the actual location of the break.

Until then, they won't know the actual cause of the broken line and how many gallons of water that was lost.

As far as residents who have had damage to their homes, they are advised to contact Darryl Wells at the City of Odessa's Risk Management Office at (432) 335-3286.