State Sues Gas Station Company for Diluting Gasoline

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas Attorney General has filed a lawsuit accusing a gas station company of diluting medium- and premium-grade fuel with regular unleaded.

The lawsuit filed Thursday by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott against Petroleum Wholesale L.P. and related defendants says they falsified octane levels, defrauded customers and violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The lawsuit is the third enforcement action by the state against the company, which did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press.

The state is seeking a temporary and permanent injunction against the defendants as well as civil penalties.

The defendants operate Sunmart Travel Centers & Convenience Stores and about 80 other service stations licensed by the state to sell fuel under branding agreements with three major fuel companies.

Sunmart operates three travel centers in West Texas. One is the Warfield Truck Stop on Interstate 20 and 1788 in Midland County. The other two centers are in Wickett and Van Horn.