Salvation Army School Supplies Nearly Gone

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The calls and requests for school supplies are pouring into The Salvation Army of Midland all day, every day.

"On a daily basis for about two or three weeks straight," Tex Ellis, Captain of The Salvation Army of Midland, said.

Their supplies can't keep up with demand.

They've made 50 school supply packages in the last two weeks and had already made 10 more on Tuesday when NewsWest 9 arrived.

The Salvation Army said donations are down because this Summer has burned people's pockets too.

"A lot of people have faced really high utility costs over the Summer," Ellis sad. "They're strapped for cash. Normally we have supplies starting to be donated around July, and we have folks that bring us monetary gifts to buy supplies. That's just really been on the low side this year."

Where once The Salvation Army had four tables full of back-to-school essentials, now they're down to one and dwindling fast.

Officials said demand for school supplies will continue to skyrocket over the next month.

"This is all we have left as of today," Ellis said. "We're going to need paper and pencils and pens and crayons, pencil boxes, pencil bags, backpacks are really hard to come by. This should last the rest of this week, maybe into next week, but I don't see us having very much of this left after the first part of next week."

The Salvation Army will take any donations of supplies or money to make sure no one who comes to them goes without.

That spirit seems to be catching on with local businesses pitching in their own efforts to help those in need.

"My sister-in-law's a teacher. My mom taught for 20 years, so I thought 'I'm always looking for ways to help the community,'" Ty Coke, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones in Midland, said. "I thought it would be a great way to help kids who may not be able to fund school supplies on their own."

Coke has had a school supplies collection box out in his office since July.

It's already been filled and re-filled several times, all of the proceeds going to Midland ISD schools in need of them.

The Salvation Army will take their disaster vehicle out to the Washington Park area in Midland this Thursday, hopefully bringing more school supplies they desperately need.

The Salvation Army of Midland can be reached at  (432) 683-3614. Donations can be dropped off and monetary donations can be mailed to their office at 300 S. Baird or their community center at 3500 Park Lane.