Companies Looking Out of State to Find Skilled Workers

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - The Permian Basin is booming with jobs in the oil and gas industry. However, the problem now lies in finding skilled workers. That predicament now has several companies looking out of state to fill those open positions.

It's not a lack of jobs in the oil and gas industry but a shortage of skilled workers which has companies beginning to take part in out of state job fairs. One job fair is even being held in Las Vegas in hopes of filling positions with skilled workers.

When it comes to unemployment, the Permian Basin has some of the lowest numbers in the state. But for companies looking for skilled workers this is causing somewhat of an issue leaving them to recruit workers from over state lines.

"We see a lot of companies now are going outside the Basin to recruit, simply because the competition is so great right here in the area," Willie Taylor with Workforce Solutions, said.

There's one Permian Basin company that took part in a national job fair on Monday in Las Vegas.

Companies like these are looking for an array of skilled workers, such as automotive and field service technicians, electrical workers, truck drivers and many more.

"If we had workers that could actually have the skill set to go in there for the service companies like Patterson, BJ, and Halliburton. It would easily be 500 additional individuals," Taylor said.

But there is still one problem local companies are facing when it comes to recruiting from outside the Basin.

"We're not blessed with a strong housing market, what we call workforce housing. Those are the reasons that we don't do more job fairs right here locally," Taylor said.

Despite the shortage, those in need of work from out of state still see the draw in coming to West Texas.   

Companies are always trying to hire locally to avoid finding new housing for workers.
Workforce Solutions says they have been focusing on working with the local colleges to train people for those open positions.