New Pecos Clinic Brings Doctors Together

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The Pecos Valley Rural Health Clinic places all of your medical needs in one basket.

This 20,000 square foot, $4 million facility houses about a dozen different doctors under one roof, with more than 30 exam rooms and enough space to house 65 people in the waiting room.

Officials said this much space to house doctors is revolutionizing the medical landscape in Pecos.

"For Pecos, it is definitely the gem in the crown, I think, right now," Pecos Mayor, Venetta Seals, said. "We were housing three providers off-campus and then we were putting the other seven providers in a very small provider space that only included seven exam rooms total and here we have 36 exam rooms."

The clinic hosted their grand opening Friday morning across from the Reeves County Memorial Hospital.

Family Practice, OBGYN, Surgery, Internal Medicine, it's all in the same building.

Some doctors in the clinic told NewsWest 9 they were practicing on their own all across the city for seven years before it opened.

"Before, if you went to the doctor's office and if they were booked, then you had to drive to another part of town to see if that doctor was available," Seals said. "Here, if one provider's not available, they can get you in with another provider right here on the spot. It's like one-stop shopping."

People in Pecos who have already used the clinic told NewsWest 9 it's exactly what the city needs.

"It's definitely been needed here, and it's huge, it's beautiful, and it's great just to go to one place," Pecos resident, Julie Serrano, said.

"I think it's a lot better because I've had to go to a couple of the doctors there, and you just go to the same building," Pecos Resident, Alvaro Napividad, said. "You don't have to run from one office to another and everybody's there."

Residents said they look forward to a medical future that's easier on them.